Development of Digital Learning Tools for Tigrinya Speakers

In collaboration with Binogi international, I have adapted, localized and produced more than 1250 animated video lessons and interactive quizzes for Tigrinya speakers.

After completing the junior year of my undergraduate degree, I decided to do community service as an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) teacher at Dekemhare Secondary School, in Eritrea, one of the most impoverished parts of Africa. During my time as an ICT teacher I observed that the lack of educational resources in local or native languages in developing countries was one of the biggest hurdles to creating an equitable learning environment. So, to alleviate this, I have been actively engaged in developing curricular materials for my native language, Tigrinya.

To this end, I have been working with Binogi International, a pioneering Swedish e-learning company, to develop educational materials in Tigrinya for Tigrinya speakers throughout the world. As part of this project, I was able to develop, localize and produce more than 1250 animated video lessons and interactive quizzes in various subjects that include computer science, maths, and physics. Translating scientific and technical material to a language that does not have any scientific literature is such a gargantuan task, but the lessons developed as part of the project are an invaluable contribution to science education for Tigrinya speaking communities. Currently these materials are used by thousands of students in Sweden, Canada, Germany, France, Finland and Kenya. It is my hope that these materials will help alleviate the lack of scientific materials at the lower levels of the educational pipeline, and help increase the participation of native speakers in STEM fields.

You can read more about Binogi international here.