A few of my projects.


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GazeMetrics: An Open source tool for monitoring data quality of HMD based eye trackers

An open-source tool for real-time monitoring of the spatial data quality of VR/AR HMD based eye trackers.

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Foveated FOV Restriction

In this project, I developed a novel gaze contingent (foveated) field-of-view (FOV) restrictor that blocks the peripheral visual field while still allowing the user to experience the full view in VR.

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VR, Eye Tracking & Machine Learning based Vestibular/Ocular Motor Screening

In this project we are developing VR, eye tracking and machine learning based Vestibular/Ocular Motor Screening (VOMS) tools for automated and objective diagnosis of sports related concussion.

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Eye Gaze Prediction

In this project I developed recurrent convolutional neural network based models to predict a person's eye gaze 50ms into the future, based on past spatio-temporal data, for Facebook's OpenEDS 2020 challenge.

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The effect of FOV restriction on VR sickness and spatial navigation performance and its interaction with sex

In a series of projects (and publications) we investigate the effect of field-of-view (FOV) restriction on sex bias in VR sickness and spatial navigation performance.

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VR Navigation with Full Body Tracking

3PP virtual locomotion using full-body skeletal tracking with a single depth camera (Azure Kinect) and an Oculus headset.

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NLP Tools for Tigrinya

I have conducted preliminary research and developed experimental models for Neural Machine Translation for Tigrinya (my native language) and published my research through a pre-print here. I have also collaborated with researchers at UNR exploring vowel duration and phonological contrast of vowel duration in Tigrinya.


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Development of Digital Learning Tools for Tigrinya Speakers

In collaboration with Binogi international, I have adapted, localized and produced more than 1250 animated video lessons and interactive quizzes for Tigrinya speakers.

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Authored Books

As a speaker of a very low resourced language - Tigrinya - I grew up without access to reading materials, especially during the early child hood years. To alleviate this problem, I have worked with some authors to adapt children's books to Tigrinya. You can check on Amazon some of the recently published storybooks here and here.